Terms & Conditions

 CHANGE REQUEST MANAGEMENT: We strictly follow settled technical structure as “scope of work”. During the project development customer may have new requirements. Any such requirement which is not covered in the technical structure (scope of work) will be considered as additional work. In case during the development of project customer provide / discuss additional requirements with developer such discussion may affect the overall time line settled.

Once new requirement is captured and understood by developer. WEB BHARAT will log the entire change request (provided from customer) and will provide customer estimation with new time and cost efforts.

 REQUEST/RESPONSE CYCLE: WEB BHARAT expects that Client will provide timely input/feedback/approval for presented work/ for all reviews and queries raised during the project execution. It is expected that Client will resolve queries in reasonable time frame. Any delay can result in slippage of the schedule. In such cases where customer will not be able to arrange feedback/response from their side. Customer must have to inform the developer. If due to any reason we do not hear from customer for more than 30 days or (1 month) project will be put on HOLD. If due to any reason we do not hear from customer for more than 90 days or 3 months. Project will be treated as closed.

 UAT:  Client will prepare business scenario and test entire website once WEB BHARAT delivers the website.


 PRODUCT QUALITY:  Product Quality With a view to providing client work products of high quality, without compromising on timeliness, Quality Processes and Controls will be prepared for the development activity. These Processes and Controls cover all activities from receipt of specifications to delivery of the work product.

 Quality Objectives:

 WEB BHARAT uses following defect classification:

Type Of Error Description
P0 Fatal Error. Runtime error occurs which causes the application to crash.
P1 No Fatal Error, but functionality differs from the specification.
P2 Error wherein the PROJECT works but a degree of inconvenience is caused.Correction is not deferrable and an easy work around exists.
P3 Cosmetic errors like navigational errors, object positioning on the screen etc.